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Bio Sheabutter Lavender Tester 5ml

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Bio Shea Butter Lavender has a natural floral aroma of lavender. This scent is suitable for women and men.

Shea butter provides the skin with nutrients and maximum hydration. Because it is very similar to the lipids in our skin, it does not have a comedogenic effect, which means that it does not clog the pores and allows your skin to breathe despite its richness. The skin will retain moisture, become smoother and healthier. Shea butter contains no additives and is suitable for use on sensitive skin. It is excellent for dry skin. The balanced blend of essential oils gives the bio Shea butter a wonderfully delicate fragrance.

Notes: Since we only use natural products, there might be colour deviations.

Store the Bio Shea butter at room temperature (not higher than 24°C) so that it does not melt.

As we are a small manufacturing company, we wrap our natural products by hand without any automation support, which might affect the packaging or the label. Thank you for understanding.

We would recommend trying the 5ml testers before buying the bigger jars to know which scent you like the most. Also, you can carry the small jar with you anywhere as they fit into the smallest of handbags.

Gently massage the shea butter into your skin (also moist) with circular movements. During the massage, the heat of your body melts the shea butter and increases its absorption into your skin.


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